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We are a Boston-based investment management firm that invests in public & private equity opportunities. 

Presently, our strategy is focused on providing “Monetary Debasement Insurance” through investments in Gold & Silver Miners and Bitcoin.

Monetary Debasement

EMA's Fact Sheet

One page summary of EMA's strategy and track record.

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Gold Mining Economics

Gold Mining Economics

Gold and silver mining companies provide financial and operating leverage which amplifies their protection against debasement.

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EMA Q2 2021 Letter

  • GDP and stock markets rebound
  • US Government debt hits 130% of GDP 
  • Frothy conditions in equity & debt Markets
  • Crack Up Boom? Extreme financial conditions abound
  • Inflation breaks out to 30 year record (Inflation > 10% when calculated properly)
  • Fed is Trapped - they can not raise interest rates or taper without a hit to the equity markets.
  • Opportune time to invest in "Monetary Debasement Insurance" through EMA
  • Fund Strategy and Positioning
    • Values are compelling.  Gold and silver miners are the world's cheapest assets
    • Bitcoin as % of our portfolio continues to grow

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EMA Slide Presentation

  • Credit Bubble created over past several decades is unsustainable.
  • Given the elevated levels of global sovereign debt, Central Banks are trapped.
    • Higher interest rates will cause deficits to swell;
    • Fed monetization of deficits is required to keep interest rates low. 
    • Broad based inflation will surely follow.
  • Small investment by our clients = large insurance payoff if inflation ensues.
    • Prudent to consider investing a portion of your assets in monetary debasement insurance.

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